1 Nephi

Week Two Beginnings

This week I will be working on a study skill set called “Principles and Doctrines.”  So that you have some information on the posts that you will see this week, the idea behind this study skill is to find the principles and doctrines located in the scriptures that are being studied.  After watching some great videos and gaining some insight on what exactly I should be looking for, I found this: principles are portable, which means that you can take a principle found in the scripture(s) and apply it elsewhere in your life.  A doctrine though, is described as an unchanging truth, an eternal law or a fundamental belief.  The notes that I made from these videos in order to find principles and doctrines are this:

  • Thus we see….
  • What are the unchanging truths, eternal laws or fundamental beliefs at work here?
  • What can I learn and apply from this scripture?
  • What is the moral of the story?
  • So what? or Therefore what?
  • Is there a homily to be found (an inspirational catchphrase)?

I have these notes on two sticky notes on page 11 of my Book of Mormon and sincerely hope to be able to learn and gain knowledge from the readings for this week.  The next posts that you will find will be covering 1 Nephi Chapters six through fourteen.

I do hope that you share your insights with me and pray that you will learn as you choose to study the scriptures with sincere prayer.


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