1 Nephi

1 Nephi 10

Good Morning.  What can we find in the next 22 verses?   This is actually one of my favorite chapters in the Book of Mormon.  I love when I get to read prophesies that I know are fulfilled and I don’t have to put a lot of thought into them.  Let’s dig in to chapter 10.

Nephi starts out this chapter by sharing with us a vision that his father Lehi had.  Lehi sees that Jerusalem is destroyed and is people are taken into captivity.  He also shares that the people will be saved and that they will again live in Jerusalem.  Nephi then shares with us the first doctrine of this chapter. In verse 4 it states: “Even six hundred years from the time that my father left Jerusalem, a prophet would the Lord God raise up among the Jews – even a Messiah, or, in other words, a Savior of the world.” Lehi sees in a vision that Jesus Christ will be brought into this world to be a Savior of the people.  I particularly love this because there is clear and concise prophecy in the Book of Mormon.  The Book of Mormon is true.  Jesus Christ did come 600 years later.

In verse 6 it reads: “all mankind were in a lost and fallen state, and ever would be save they should rely on this Redeemer.”  Adam fell this is an unchanging truth.   All of mankind is indeed lost without reliance on our Redeemer Jesus Christ.  In order to be saved and return to live again with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ in the heavens, we must rely on Him.

Verses 7 and 8 shows us that John will come and prepare the way for Christ, he will preach of Him and that John himself will baptize the Savior of the world, these are fundamental beliefs and unchanging truths.

Verse 11 talks of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ, plainly stating that they will occur.  Furthermore, it states that Jesus will manifest himself to the Gentiles (the people of the Book of Mormon) by way of the Holy Ghost. We read of this in the book 3 Nephi.

Verse 14 reviews the tower of babel and the confounding of tongues of the people. tower of babel

Verse 17 teaches us that “by the power of the Holy Ghost, which is the gift of God unto all those who diligently seek him, as well in times of old as in the time that he should manifest himself unto the children of men.”  God will send to each human the Holy Ghost, from Adam unto all future generations.

Verse 18 reminds us that God is the same each and every day from the beginning of the world and that each human can return to be with Him if we repent.

Verse 19 I love because it explains that if we are diligent about looking for Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father, that we will find them and (this is my favorite part) that the mysteries of God will be made more clear to those that seek Him.  I know for myself and in my heart and mind that this is true.  I know that when I am diligent in my scripture studies and in my prayers and callings and duties that I grow closer to Heavenly Father and as I do this, I understand better the things of God.

Verse 20 reminds us that everything we do in this life will be brought forward at the day of judgement.  I always find these simple verses to be a great reminder to do good.

Verse 21 is a continuation of verse 20 but in the negative light, is we look to do wicked things in the days of our probation (in other words, while we are here on earth,) then we will be found unworthy to enter into the kingdom of God.

I hope that you find this a little helpful in explaining this chapter, as it is one of my favorites and is just full of doctrine, unchanging truths and eternal law.  I love my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and am so very glad to have the restored gospel part of my life.  I am thankful for being blessed to be a part of the Pathway program and BYU-Idaho and what I am learning from school.

I write this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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