2 Nephi

2 Nephi 1

From 2 Nephi 1 through 2 Nephi 8, my studies will focus on using flag phrases.   In the upcoming gathering this week, I will be lead student and so I will be instructing using flag phrases.  I hope that I get the hang of it and that my posts this week make sense, as I try to make sense of this study skill myself.

Flag phrases are phrases that are there to cause the reader to focus, draw attention, or add emphasis.  In my instructions from BYU-I Pathway, it says that these phrases act like stop signs on a page and are intended to get you to look around and see what is going on.  As my toddler says “Ready. Steady. Go.”

Verse 1 “it came to pass” which to me means something along the lines of “this is what happened, please pay attention.”  Nephi and Lehi finished speaking to their family and told them them to behave themselves and that they are blessed for everything that God has done for them; saving them from the destruction of Jerusalem.

Verse 4 “behold” Lehi tells his family of his vision that we read of a while back in 1 Nephi that tells of the destruction of Jerusalem and tells of the promised land which they have obtained.

Verse 5 “yea” God promised this land to Lehi and his children and any others who shall be lead that way by God.

Verse 6 “wherefore” in other words as a result Lehi told of the workings of God that no one should be brought to the promise land except by way of Him.  Have you thought of that?  If you live on the American continents, that you are here and brought here by way of God?

Verse 7 “wherefore” …. as a result the land is declared sacred  and later in the verse “wherefore” …. as a result the people of this continent will “never be brought down into captivity” and then “but”  those on the land that are righteous the land will be forever blessed.

Verse 8 “behold”  is seen twice.  Stop and read what promises are made to this land.

Verse 9 “wherefore” as a result of keeping commandments, Lehi was given this land for his family.

Verse 10 “behold” when people begin to not believe as they should “behold” if the day comes that they reject Jesus Christ “behold” His judgements will come upon them.

Do you get the idea here?  There are 32 verses in 2 Nephi 1, and I counted 32 flag phrases.  There is not a flag phrase in each verse, but some verses have more than one.  Stop and read, stop and see why is it that Lehi is wanting to draw our attention and have us stop reading.  What is is that he is wanting us to understand.

The last one that I will share from this chapter is from verse 23 the flag phrase is the word awake. “Awake, my sons; put on the armor of righteousness.  Shake off the chains with which ye are bound, and come forth out of obscurity, and arise from the dust.”  Are you wearing your armor of righteousness?  Are you doing everything that you can to be righteous and protect yourself and your family from the things of Satan?  Find one thing today that you can do just a little bit better, and I will too.

I write this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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