2 Nephi

2 Nephi 2

In 2 Nephi 2 there are 30 flag phrases and there are 30 verses.  Not each verse has a flag phrases in it, but I am seeing a pattern here.  Can you see that there is so much importance in what Lehi is telling us, that 30 times in this chapter, we should be stopping to ponder and understand what he is saying and what Heavenly Father is teaching us through his prophet.

Verse 1  – Lehi is speaking to his son Jacob, he is still young as he was born since the time that Lehi and his family departed Jerusalem.  We can see in the footnotes to the page that this is sometime between 588 and 570 BC, Jacob can be no more than 30, but Lehi refers to Jacob’s childhood and says “behold” this flag phrases says stop here and look around, what is happening?

Verse 2 – “Nevertheless” in other words: in spite of your troubles in childhood of traveling through the wilderness and your brothers that are rude, you know the “greatness of God and he shall consecrate thine afflictions for thy gain.”  A fathers blessing and what a great one it is!  Jacob knows how great God is and is promised that God will consecrate Jacob’s afflictions for his gain.

Verse 3 – My understanding of  wherefore is “because of”.  So we can read verse 3 like this …. Because Jacob knows the greatness of God and is dedicated to a sacred purpose from God, his should will be blessed and Jacob will live safely with Nephi and will spend his days in service to God… because Lehi knows that Jacob is redeemed because of the righteousness of Jesus Christ…..

I really am enjoying using these flag phrases.  This study skill certainly helps make sense of the scriptures a lot more!

As you read through the rest of this chapter, please stop and contemplate at these phrases, what is it that Lehi is needing us to understand.  I know that I am gaining so much personal insight from taking the time to think and really study these words!



PS…. there is some really great information in this chapter!  we learn about agency…. read read read


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