2 Nephi

2 Nephi 7

The introduction of 2 Nephi 7 states: “Isaiah speaks Messianically – Messiah shall have the tongue of the learned – He shall give his back to the smiters – He shall not be confounded _ Compare Isaiah 50.”  I always appreciate being able to read and understand the headers of chapters when the reading may be difficult, I hope that you read them for each chapter, as they give some great insight and a good breakdown of the chapter.

For the flag phrases of this chapter, I discovered thirteen in the eleven verses total, back up to a higher ratio.

The chapter starts out with two flag phrases back to back (perhaps for emphasis of importance?) “Yea” and “for thus saith the Lord.” Verse 1 has three more flag phrases, as well: “for thus saith the Lord” “yea” and “behold.”  I would simply have to say that verse 1 is important, do not discredit the verse because it is difficult to understand.  To sum up my take on this verse I would say that Jesus Christ asks if He has done any wrong to you, and then states boldly that it is not He, but it is you and your choices that have you where you are.  Verse 2 continues with Jesus saying that He called to the people but no one answered.

I appreciate the verses 3-10 that remind us of what Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ will do for us and t he strength, knowledge and courage that they have.  Verse 11, however, confounds me.  I can not make of this verse if it is for those that follow Christ or for those that will not.   Perhaps a reader can shed some light.

I write this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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