2 Nephi

2 Nephi 20

I am still working on lists this week, we still have this chapter and seven more to get through before Saturday (Halloween) which is going to be a full day of combined ward activity, chili cooking, picture taking and trunk or treat preparation and family fun.  So, that pretty much means, I need to get through these chapters before Saturday ever gets here.  If you feel bombarded by my frequent posts at the beginning of this week, I do apologize.

2 Nephi 20 can be compared to Isaiah 10.  Please remember that Nephi is sharing these Isaiah chapters with us because the things that Isaiah has to share delight his soul.  I know that they are often times hard to understand, but I testify that as you read and study them out in your mind, they make more sense and we can liken these scriptures unto ourselves.

Verses 1-2: decree unrighteous decrees, write grievousness, turn away the needy, take away the right from the poor, rob the fatherless

Verse 4: bow down under the prisoners, fall under the slain

Verse 5: rod of mine anger, staff in their hand

Verse 6: charge to take the spoil, the pray, tread them down

Verse 13: strength of my hand, wisdom, prudent, moved borders of people, robbed of treasure, put down inhabitants

Verse 17: fir a fire, for a flame, shall burn, shall devour thorns and briers, consume forest and field, soul and body,

Verse 24: smite with a rod, lift up staff against thee

Verse 27: burden taken, yoke removed, yoke destroyed

Verse 33: lop the boughs, high ones hewn down, haughty shall be humbled

What do these lists tell us?  They certainly don’t seem to be friendly lists.  Let’s remember that even though some of these words aren’t modern-day words, that when Isaiah was writing this, it made perfect sense to the people he was writing for.  Our day has changed and so these analogies don’t always resonate with us well.  We can see as we read 2 Nephi 20, that Isaiah is writing about the destruction of the land and that Jesus Christ will come again and he will gather His children which is the seed of Jacob. This chapter really does give great hope to the children of God and we can know from Isaiah that Jesus Christ, the Lord of Hosts will pave the way for his disciples to reach Him in Zion without harm.

I am so grateful for the ability to understand this chapter in just a small way.  I know before, that I read the words, but didn’t understand.  And I know from this, that Heavenly Father allows us to learn line upon line and precept upon precept.  I know that I am His child and that He is teaching me.

I write this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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