Putting it all together; L07 FDREL 121

Oh, to put it all together for this week.   If you read any of my other posts throughout the week, you would be able to see how much I love the end of 2 Nephi.  Nephi was a glorious prophet and I am so thankful for his writings.  My heart is full of joy today and as I ponder upon the final teachings of Nephi, I am full of awe at his brilliance.  I know that he was guided and directed by our Savior Jesus Christ, however, he had to do a lot of work.  Nephi dealt with a lot of trial and turmoil in his early life, only to later in life worry greatly over the future of his people.  We are those future people, am I worrying Nephi?  That makes me wonder, not only about Nephi, but of every other prophet that has seen this day and is watching down over us and what of our Savior?  How much does Jesus Christ suffer in his days watching over His brethren choosing so much destruction in our day?  My heart breaks.  I know that I am no where near perfect, and my heart hurts knowing that He is suffering even today for things that I do wrong, and not only myself, but every other soul that has or ever will walk the earth.  Is that like 20,000,000,000 souls; is it more?

So that I don’t cry while I sit in the office and write, let’s move on to the point of this particular blog post.  And that is this: What I have really learned from this weeks assigned reading, other assignments and through inspiration.  All of my other posts this week have shared how much I love 2 Nephi and how the book concludes, as it gives us all great direction on how to return to our Heavenly Father.   That being said, my greatest learning moment this week was last night. My oldest daughter came to me and was very frustrated with another child that she knows from school, who asked her this: “Isn’t the Book of Mormon itself, a sin all by itself?” She told him no, it was not, but felt frustrated that she didn’t have a scriptural response for him.  We were sitting on the back porch having this discussion (yes, on the porch in November… it was a nice 74 degrees at 8:30 pm, one of the reasons I love Texas) and I jumped up from my chair and came to the office and grabbed my scriptures.  My daughter was right on my heels and I could see that she had a glimmer in her eyes as she watched me quickly have a response for her.  I had to tell her, that I had this answer because it was part of my assigned reading this week; perhaps this is my inspiration for the week!

We quickly came to 2 Nephi 29 and we read most of the chapter together and she took notes.  She was so happy to know that there was scripture that we could refer to in order to combat those that scoff at our beliefs.  She took notes on some sticky pads and particularly liked Isaiah 11 and also 2 Nephi 29 verse 3 and 7-9.   I pray that she will be successful in sharing with her peer this upcoming week with the information that she learned from me, and I am so very grateful that I am in a better position to share gospel principles with my children as they get older.  I am grateful for Pathway and the knowledge that I am gaining, and am thankful for the restored gospel that is here on the earth today for each of us to learn and share.  Now that I have written this, I want to share a little something that was said in gathering this week .  A classmate, Emily, was lead student and she had an epiphany this week.  As she was preparing to be lead student, she came across a scripture 2 Nephi 28:21 that reads: “Therefore, wo be unto him that is at ease in Zion!”  She pondered on this and then shared with us, we have work to do, we should never be at ease in Zion.  We may have times in our lives when it seems as if things are really going right and everything is great, in these times, we need to get up and on our feet and go forward proclaiming the gospel.  At no point in our lives should we ever feel at ease and be comfortable here in Zion.  I am so thankful that she shared this scripture with our group and that she was able to shed some light for me as to how much effort I should be putting forth all of the time throughout my life in sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I write this gratefully in the name of my Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ, Amen.


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