Jacob 7

A naysayer has come about many years after Jacob parted the people with his reminder to be wise.  Jacob 7 starts with this rebellion named Sherem. Verses two and three share with us the reasoning of Sherem, and they are not good in the sight of the Lord.  We learn that his intentions were indeed to lead people away from Christ and he “labored diligently” in order to accomplish his goal.  Sherem was a charismatic fellow and was a “smooth operator.”  Sherem was finally able to come to Jacob and they had somewhat of a heated discussion with Sherem blatantly calling Jacob a blaspheme and denying Jesus Christ while Jacob was preaching to Sherem that he was all wrong and that all of the prophets prior to him have spoken of Christ and if Sherem believes the scriptures as he claims to, then he doesn’t understand them one iota. Sherem then tells Jacob that in order to believe what Jacob says, that he needs a sign shown unto him by the power of the Holy Ghost.  (Didn’t we just read about not counseling Christ)?  Jacob then says why are you tempting God when you know it is true, but God’s will be done, if He wants to show you a sign, then a sign you will have and if he does not, then no sign for you.  God’s call.  The Lord then overtook Sherem and fell to the earth and he was “nourished for many days.”   Sherem comes about and tells everyone to come to him tomorrow because he has much to share and he is going to die.  The following day, Sherem declares to the people that he has been fooled by the devil and that he has “committed the unpardonable sin” of lying to God. And then he died.  The Nephites witnessed this and were then overcome by the Spirit themselves.  Can you imagine witnessing such an event?

With this turn of events, Jacob was very pleased to know that Heavenly Father had heard and answered his prayers that the people may know that Sherem was a charlatan and the people were then restored to peace and no longer believed in the words that Sherem had preached.

Following this, the Nephites tried desperately to reach out to the Lamanites to teach them the gospel of Jesus Christ, but they just wanted to be at war and hate the Nephites.  The people of Nephi continued to place their trust in God and protect themselves.

Jacob closes out this chapter by growing old and sharing some sad information about the mourning of the Nephites and how they felt alone in the world, but with God.  Jacob passes down the plates for engraving to his son Enos and gives him the commandments to continue the work.


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