Omni, the son of Jarom, the grandson of Enos, the great-grandson of Jacob, the second great-grandson of Lehi is the author in the beginning of this chapter.  And as a note, I am looking for cause and effect within the scriptures this week.

Omni states in verse two that he is a wicked man and that he has not kept the commandments and statutes of the Lord as he should have, but he did fight much to preserve the Nephite people. He kept the plates and passed them on to his son named Amaron.

Amaron then kept the plates and told us in verse five that the more wicked parts of the Nephites have been destroyed.  We see a cause and effect statement in verse six.  Cause: “ye will not keep my commandments” Effect: “ye shall not prosper in the land.”  The Lord did spare the righteous though and did not allow them to be conquered by the Lamanites.

Amaron then delivers the plates to his brother Chemish.

Chemish witnesses the writings of Amaron and he then held the records with no further writings. Chemish turns the plates over to his son Abinadom. Abinadom doesn’t have much to share with us and he then turns the plates over to his son Amaleki.

Amaleki would be the fifth great-grandson of Lehi. He begins in verse twelve and is going to tell us of Mosiah who was a king over the land called Zarahemla.  Mosiah was warned by the Lord to leave the land of Nephi and take ans many people with him that would hearken unto the voice of God and go into the wilderness.  These people that fled into the wilderness were “led by many preachings and prophesyings” and came to the land of Zarahemla.  When these Nephites arrived in this land, there was much joy as the people believed that Mosiah was sent by the Lord (which he was.)  The people of Zarahemla were pleased that Mosiah came with the plates with the record of the Jews upon it.

After Mosiah began to meet with the people of Zarahemla, he learned that these people were carried out of Jerusalem at the time Zedekiah was king of Judah was taken captive by the Babylonians.  By the time that Mosiah met up with the people of Zarahemla, they had multiplied generously and and had many wars over the course of time.  Mosiah had his work cut out for him though, this small amount of learning must have been an exceptional trial, as the people of Zarahemla spoke a different language than the Nephites did and it would have been difficult to communicate.  Mosiah, however, began to teach them the current language that he spoke and a man named Zarahemla provided an oral record of genealogy.

The people combined, chose Mosiah to then be king over them.  While Mosiah was king, the people of Zarahemla brought him a large stone that was engraved and by the power of the Holy Ghost, Mosiah was able to translate these engravings.  This engraved stone held the account of Coriantumr and his people that were destroyed, Coriantumr had lived with the people of Zarahemla for less than a year.

Amaleki tells us at the end of verse 22 that the people of Coriantumr had left Jerusalem at the time of the Tower of Babel and that the bones of this people are to the north of their current location in Zarahemla.  Amaleki lived to see the death of king Mosiah and Mosiah’s son Benjamin took his stead.

There was more war and bloodshed, but under the watch of King Benjamin, the Nephites were able to push the Lamanites out of the land of Zarahemla.

Amaleki begins to grow old and he had no children, therefore, he decided to turn the plates over to king Benjamin.  In his parting words engraved upon the plates he writes: “exhorting all men to come unto God, the Holy One of Israel, and believe in prophesying, and in revelations, and in the ministering of angels, and in the gift of speaking with tongues, and in the gift of interpreting languages, and in all things which are good; for there is nothing which is good save it comes from the Lord: and that which is evil cometh from the devil.”  He continues in verse 26 “My beloved brethren, I would that ye should come unto Christ, who is the Holy One of Israel, and partake of his salvation, and the power of his redemption.  Yea, come unto him, and offer your whole souls as an offering unto him, and continue in fasting and praying, and endure to the end; and as the Lord liveth ye will be saved.”

There weren’t a whole lot of cause and effect within the Book of Omni, but I know without a doubt that it was clear at this time, that if the people would live Christ centered lives and keep the commandments that God would be with them and that they would prosper, even in war.

I share this with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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