Mosiah 7

Okay, for real, I am back and what a busy studying night I have ahead of me.  If I am flooding your inbox or your Facebook feed with my posts, I am almost sorry.  We all have scriptures to study and I like to share.  You know you’re not stuck with me, but I’m happy you’re here.  Let’s get going with this substitution study skill this week and see what we can learn from Mosiah 7.

This chapter starts out to let us know that there had been peace in the land of Zarahemla for the last three years and king Mosiah wanted to know of some of the people that had moved out of the city to go live in a place called Lehi-Nephi.  Ammon, “a strong and mighty man” and 15 others left to go look for Lehi-Nephi and the people that had left Zarahemla.  They wandered around in the wilderness and after 40 days (a theme here?) they came to a hill and saw a city.  Ammon took three of the 15 men with him; Amaleki, Helem and Hem.  When they arrived in the city, they were immediately bound and taken to prison where they sat for two days.  These four men were then brought before the king of the land.

It is at this point that we are introduced to king Limhi, son of Zeniff who left Zarahemla.  King Limhi is wary of the visitors because we learn that his people are held in bondage by the Lamanites and have to pay half of all they have to the Lamanite king in order to not be slaughtered.  When king Limhi learns that Ammon and his companions are from Zarahemla, “he was exceedingly glad.”  Limhi then sent for his people to gather and when Mosiah 7 19they did, he spoke to them offering words of encouragement that perhaps the people of Zarahemla would come to their aide and free them from the bondage that they are in.  King Limhi then reminds his people to put their trust in God.  He continues to remind the people that their previous king, Zeniff, because of his iniquity and being short sighted is the reason that they are in bondage. Verses 22 through 26 tell us of the transgressions of the people and then in verse 27, king Limhi begins to share more of God and reminding the people that they must not be in transgression in order to have blessings from the Lord.  And he follows up with this great quote which is Mosiah 7:33 …

Mosiah 7 33

And I with a full hearth, knowing that if we follow the counsel of king Limhi, that we will be blessed and delivered out of our own bondage.  I leave this with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.




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