Mosiah 10

Since there are still 17 chapters left to get through this week, I’ve decided that I will do summaries where appropriate and will use the substitution study skill where I can.  Be prepared for a mixture throughout the rest of the week.

Mosiah 10 begins with the ending of the battle from Mosiah 9, and Zeniff is trying to ensure that the people will be ready and prepared for war if the Lamanites come up to battle against them again.

Over the span of the next 22 years, the people with Zeniff prospered well.  They began to have grain and fruit of all kind and worked the ground and the women did make clothing and fine linen.  And then, king Laman died and his son took over and he wanted to war against the people of Shimlom.  Zeniff got the women and children out of the city and had all men that were able to bear arms do so and with the Lord, they went to battle.

Before we learn of this battle,  Zeniff tells us “the Lamanites knew nothing concerning the Lord” and that they were a wild and ferocious people believing that they were where they were in life because of persecutions against their ancestors and wronged by their brethren.  And because of the the stiff-neckedness of Laman and Lemuel when they crossed the sea with their father Lehi over 400 years previously, the current Lamanites were harboring ill feelings toward the people with Zeniff.  They grew up knowing only hatred against the Nephites and wishing only to cause harm and destruction to the Nephites.  After Zeniff told his people of the hatred directed towards them from the Lamanites, he took them to fight up against the Lamanites again and they went with God.  The people were successful and they returned to their own land and Zeniff passes away after conferring the kingdom upon his son Noah.

Chapter 10 concluded.  Stay tuned for some wickedness coming up next!

I leave this with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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