Mosiah 11

Did y’all know that studying three or four chapters in the Book of Mormon each day really isn’t that time consuming.  You can read through it, set yourself a time limit for study and then move on.  But when you’re blogging each chapter as you go…. this takes a little bit more time, especially when you’ve got a family to run 🙂

This being said, I’ve got the toddler down for the night and the house tidy enough that I can sit down for another chapter or two and hopefully get closer to the end of this week’s assigned reading.  I am trying to use the substitution skill set, but am really finding that these chapters aren’t really flowing with this study skill, but perhaps the later assigned chapters will, I am holding out.

Mosiah 11 begins with king Noah taking the helm from his father Zeniff.   We learn right away in verse one that Noah did not walk in the ways of his father.  He did not keep the commandments of God and he certainly wasn’t living the law of chastity.  And then he imposed a twenty percent tax upon the people, they were ordered to give twenty percent of all that they had in order for king Noah to support himself, his wives and concubines and the wives and concubines of his priests as well.

Noah has the people labor for him and the people listen to his smooth language that allows them to be deceived.  They become idolatrous and Noah has them build him many buildings that are exceedingly fine and then a pa;ace and a throne within as well.  The people labor for Noah and yet still pay him a hefty tax.  Noah turns away the priests of Zeniff and replaces them with his own priests that are described as being lazy.

It appears at this stage in life, Noah’s primary purpose is to be a heathen.  His goal is to obtain the riches of the world, have others work for him, have sex with whomever he has the whim and to be drunk.

Eventually, the Lamanites started popping in again and they began to slay people in their fields while they were caring for the animals and so Noah sent out guards to protect them, but he didn’t send nearly enough.

The hatred of the Lamanites bled through and they began to slaughter the people of king Noah.  Noah sent his armies against them and drove them back for a short time.  Noah then became even more prideful boasting of their strength against the Lamanites.

Enter stage left: Abinadi (pronounced Ah-bin-ah-die)

Abinadi began to preach to the people of king Noah.  He called them to repentance (continuing theme from the dawn of time to today.)   Verse 21 is a clear warning to the people in which it states: “And except the repent and turn to the Lord their God, behold, I will deliver them into the hands of their enemies; yea, and they shall be brought into bondage; and they shall be afflicted by the hand of their enemies.”  I understand those words, they are clear and concise.  Heavenly Father gives them a warning, and I know, and hope that you do to, when you you receive a warning from Heavenly Father through a living prophet, a past prophet, or by the Holy Ghost, you best listen!

The people were not so happy with the words of Abinadi, and they tried to “take away his life” but were Heavenly Father helped him get away.   When Noah heard of Abinadi and his prophesy, he chose the wrong.  He questioned who Abinadi was and then he followed this by questioning who had the authority to bring affliction upon his people.  He denied that God has the authority and questioned his power…. um, I bet this doesn’t turn out well for the followers of Noah.

We’ll see what the next chapter brings.  I leave this one with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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