Mosiah 17

Mosiah 17 is such a sad chapter.  It hurts my heart to read of the deaths of prophets and the horrible way that some of them died.  I pray that I have the courage and strength that Abinadi had.

This chapter introduces us to a new man in the Book of Mormon, and his name is Alma.  Alma was among the gathering when Abinadi was sentenced to death, and after hearing all of Abinadi’s words, Alma believed in him.  It says in verse 2 that the reason that Alma believed in the words that Abinadi had spoken is because he knew for a surety of the sin and iniquities of king Noah and the priests.  Alma had courage and spoke up to king Noah asking him to pardon Abinadi.  We then learn that king Noah’s thought about the pardon for a moment, but the priests got king Noah all riled up and he decided to have him put to death anyway.  The reason for this death sentence isn’t treason or an actual crime, but because he prophesied of the coming of God unto the children of men in the flesh.

Abinadi was then bound and scourged and burnt at the stake.  After the fire was set, Abinadi gave his last words and promised the people of king Noah a very unpleasant future for killing God’s people.  Read it, it’s pretty gruesome.

I pray that on this night, Thanksgiving eve, that each of you are nestled in with your families and have the Spirit with you in your homes.  I leave this with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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