Mosiah 18

So after a sad chapter, we are blessed to read of a building up of God’s true church on the earth.  Mosiah 18 teaches us that Alma was a remarkable and brave man.   Alma knew what was in his heart and he went and prayed and asked God for a remission of his sins and was forgiven.  He then went forth to people in private, so as not to be discovered by king Noah and preached to them the words that Abinadi taught to king Noah and his priests.

Alma began to stay in one place and the people would come to him.  The place where he was staying was called Mormon, where the water, trees and land were beautiful and on the borders of the land.  Alma teaches the people and he preached repentance, redemption and faith in Jesus Christ. The rest of this chapter comprises baptisms, the church being formed in this land in proper order and lead by God. The church begins to grow and is brought to the attention of king Noah.  King Noah sends troops to slay the members of the newly formed church and the people flee  into the wilderness so that they are not found.

There are some very special verses from about verse 9 through verse 30 that have some lovely descriptions and specific directions on how the people are to live, learn, preach, teach, and love.

I leave this with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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