Mosiah 19

A new man is again introduced here in Mosiah 19, Gideon.  There may be some prophesy fulfilled too.  If you’re curious now, you can read about that prophecy here…. Does anyone else get frustrated when technology talks back to you?  My laptop just kept telling me to connect the device that was already connected in order to import.   So frustrating, but I finally got it squared away after a reboot.  Sheesh!  Okay, now back to Mosiah 19.

Now, do you remember Limhi from the earlier chapters in Mosiah?  We’re about to read about him now, in the infancy of his leadership of the people when Ammon meets him.  But there’s some juicy things that happen between this point and Ammon, so let’s get to it.

So, king Noah’s army was in search of the people of the Lord and they came back to Noah empty-handed.  Other people in the city became discontent and a strong man named Gideon came forth and he was “an enemy to the king.” Gideon swore that he would kill Noah.  They had a great sword fight and Noah fled up to the top of the tower and there he saw that the Lamanites were coming to the city for war.  Gideon, chose to spare Noah’s life so that Noah could get the people out of the city.  Now, we know that Noah isn’t a great man at all, after all, he just had Abinadi burned alive, right?  Anyway, in verse 19, the author tells us that Now wasn’t really worried about the people, but only about himself.  Noah gets the people to run from the city, but the Lamanites begin to overtake them and kill some of them.  As this happens, Noah tells the men to leave their families behind and flee. (Say what?, Who does this?)  Some of the men, chose the right and stayed with their families, and some of them followed the king without their families into the wilderness.

The men that made the righteous choice here, chose to talk to the Lamanites and ask for their compassion.  The Lamanites chose to not kill them, because their women were so pretty, and led them back to the land of Nephi where they came to a bondage agreement.

One of the men that had been taken captive was Limhi, he is the son of Noah.  Limhi was not thrilled with the choices his dad had made, but he still didn’t want his dad to die out there in the wilderness.  Gideon then stepped in and sent out a search party for Noah and all of the men that didn’t stay with their families, this includes the wicked priests.  Gideon’s search party located all of the men, less the priests and king Noah.  These men then told Gideon that they had slayed Noah and set him on fire (prophecy fulfilled) and that the priests fled further into the wilderness away from them.  All of these men then came back to the city of Nephi with Gideon and were reunited with their families.

The people then asked Limhi to be their ruler and Limhi entered into a formal agreement with the Lamanites for the half of EVERYTHING bondage for life rule.  And then they had peace in the land for two years.

And there is more to come….

I leave this great story with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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