Mosiah 20

There are a few things that I learned to love when I was a little girl.  One of those things are dragons.  My dad collected dragon items, mostly painted ceramics, but he also had some little stuffed animals and such too.  I loved to look at them, and saw them as majestic.  While, there are scriptures that infer that dragons are associated with Satan, I prefer to just keep dreaming in my childhood world and see them as magical creatures, with reassurance from the scriptures that once upon a time, there were dragons on earth.  Okay, now moving on a little from there, dragons are mentioned here in Mosiah 20, hence the  quote and the picture here.  But, why there be dragons, or mention of dragons at least?

So there was a nice little clearing in the woods where the daughters of the Lamanites got together and sang and danced and had a good time.  One day, there were a few ladies there and those nasty priests of Noah saw them and kidnapped 24 of these young women.  Guess who’s going to be mad… the Lamanites. So the king of the Lamanites jumped to conclusions and thought that the people that were in bondage stole their children and so they came at them for battle.  It so happens, that Limhi had seen from the tower that they were coming and he and his people prepared to meet them for battle.  Verses 10-11 read thus: “And it came to pass that the battle became exceedingly sore, for they fought like lions for their prey. And it came to pass that the people of Limhi began to drive the Lamanites before them; yet they were not half so numerous as the Lamanites.  But they fought for their lives, and for their wives, and for their children; therefore they exerted themselves and like dragons did they fight.”

As they are driven back, the king of the Lamanites is found to be wounded laying among the dead.  The people of Limhi snatch him up and take him to Limhi.  The people want the Lamanite king dead, but Limhi is wise.  The two of them have a chat and Limhi learns that the Lamanites are mad because of their missing daughters.   Limhi understands and says that he will search his people for their missing daughters, and then Gideon steps in.  Gideon reminds Limhi of the priests in the wilderness and suggests that they are most likely to blame and then this information is shared with the Lamanite king.

Meanwhile, the Lamanites are gathering reinforcements and preparing to come against the people of Limhi again.  The king of the Lamanites and Limhi agree to go forth, unarmed to meet the Lamanites.  They do so and explain the situation.  The bondage still stands, but there is not another battle.

More to come…. stay tuned.

I leave this great story of battle with you, with memories of my childhood and happy times.  In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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