Mosiah 21

We are getting close to finishing for this week, this chapter and five more to go.  I’d like to get them all completed today and be able to take tomorrow off, but I took yesterday off and worked on family history because I am thankful for family and it was, after all Thanksgiving.  I pray that each and every one of you had a fantastic holiday filled with love, laughter, friendship, food and the Spirit of the Lord with you.

Mosiah 21 is a full chapter, I’m going to try and break it down in as few of words as possible.

This chapter commences with Limhi and his people having peace in the land of Nephi after coming to an agreement with the king of the Lamanites.  But just a few days later, Lamanites came into the land and because of the agreement between the two kings, they didn’t kill the people of Nephi, but they did abuse them horribly.  This, rightly so, got the people of Nephi worked up and they talked king Limhi into going up against the Lamanites in battle.  They did this three times, and three times they suffered terrible loss.  They eventually remembered to humble themselves before the Lord, pray and repent.  Heavenly Father did not release them from the bondage they had been placed in, but he did see that they were more safe and afforded them some peace.  They people began to prosper in the land so that they, as a whole, were self reliant and producing enough of what they needed to care for themselves.  King Limhi made sure that those that had plenty were taking care of the widows and orphans in the land that the battles against the Lamanites caused.  And, of course, because of the conflict with the Lamanites, king Limhi didn’t leave the walls of the city without his guards.

One day (probably several days) king Limhi was outside of the city walls with his guards and there was a group of four men that arrived within the city.  Just days prior to this, a scouting group sent by king Limhi looking for Zarahelma had returned unsuccessful, but had found a city of bones and brought back some engraved plates that were written in a foreign language.  The group of men, upon arrival, were assumed to be the missing priests of the wicked king Noah and thrown into prison to wait for king Limhi to return.  Upon king Limhi’s return to the city, the imprisoned men were brought forth and discovered to be Ammon and his group of men from Zarahemla.

The chapter finishes up with telling of how joyous the people of Nephi were and glad that Ammon and his group and come to find them.  Furthermore, and most important in the chapter, is the conclusion of sharing how Ammon felt and his testimony of the people of Nephi being desirous to be baptized, as they had entered into a covenant with God committing to serve Him with all their hearts.

And this I write to you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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