Mosiah 23

Our story line now takes a step sideways, instead of a step forward.  The next two chapters are of Alma and the people that have established the church in the land.

This righteous group fled from king Noah’s guards for eight days in the wilderness and they found a land suitable for their needs.  Here they started to farm and construct a city.  They named their new city Helam, which was a beautiful land.  The people then began to call for Alma to be their king.  Alma declined to be their king and reminded them that if everyone polices themselves and behaves, there is no need for a king.  Look at history and see how kings have been unworthy men.

Alma was the high priest of the church and only through him after prayer and knowing of the righteousness of another, did Alma consecrated priests and teachers.  As we all know, Heavenly Father ensures that each of us have trials to face in this mortal existence, and so it was for the people of Helam too.

Once the city was up and running, an army of Lamanites came into the land.  Alma had all of the farmers and shepherds come inside of the city walls.  The people were very scared of the Lamanites, but Alma tried to calm them and reminded them to remember God so that he would deliver them.  The people began to pray so that their lives and the lives of their families would be spared.  Alma then went forth to the Lamanites and delivered himself and the people to the Lamanites.

As this chapter wraps up, my heart hurts.  It makes me sad to read these final verses.  A righteous people are left to be burdened again, however, we know that this is prophesy being fulfilled.  Noah, that rascal.

So the Lamanites have with them the horrible priests of king Noah, they found them in a new city called Amulon (named after the priest that was leading the way for this group now.)  Now, these priests were married to Lamanite women, the ones they kidnapped.  When the Lamanite army found them, the women plead with them to spare the lives of their husbands and families, and the Lamanites agreed.  All of the people then tarried with the Lamanites when they were looking for the land of Nephi, they found the land of Helam.  The Lamanites then lied to the people of Helam and told them they could live in peace if they would show them the way to Nephi.  Alma showed them the way to the land of Nephi, but then the Lamanites kept guard of the people of Helam and set the horrible priest of Noah named Amulon to be a king and a ruler over the people of Helam. Boo!

I live this with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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