Mosiah 24

Mosiah 24 is of redemption and answered prayers.

So…. the Lamanites had Amulon and the others with them go all over the Lamanite territories and teach the language of Nephi.  They also taught them in the ways of commerce and to keep written records.  The Lamanites then began to prosper, but they were only kind to other Lamanites, and were still horrible towards all others.

Back in the land of Helam, Amulon was “king” and he remembered Alma from being a priest on the court of king Noah.  Amulon then made life really hard for those that belonged to the Lord.  He wouldn’t allow them to pray aloud and he placed heavy burdens upon them.  Alma and his people did not stop praying though, as they knew the ways of God and knew that they could have a prayer in their heart and that Heavenly Father would hear them.  And so it was.  Heavenly Father let them know that he would ease their burdens, and He did.  The Lord then came to Alma and let him know that the people would be delivered from bondage.  And so it was…. go and read the end of the chapter, I’m not spoiling this great story for you.

This chapter concludes with the people of Alma reaching the land of Zarahemla and king Mosiah rejoicing with their arrival.

I leave this with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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