Mosiah 27

A day off was lovely.  I am going to start this week off less busy than last week, and thankfully there is less assigned study this week as well.  With that, this week I am going to be using the setting study skill set.  This will entail asking who, where, and when for portions of the reading.  I pray that you will study along with me as I dig in this week.  I will be starting here at Mosiah 27 and continue through Alma 7.

Can you put yourself back 2100 years?  Can you see yourself being evil and telling people that God isn’t real and that the Messiah will not come?  Can you see an angel coming to call you by name and call you unto repentance?   Can you feel the earth tremble beneath your feet as the angel tells you of your wrong doings?  Can you see yourself lying in a coma for days while your father sings the praises of God for answering his prayers and allowing you to see that angel and know for a surety that The Savior will come?  Can you see yourself changing 180 degrees and telling everyone and anyone that you meet about the gospel and trying to repair damages you’ve done across the land?

I can put myself in some of these places, but it’s hard to imagine all of them.  This is the beginning of the story of Alma the younger and four of the sons of Mosiah whose names are: Ammon, Aaron, Omner, and Himni.

Go and read!  This is a fantastic story and it is just starting.  Go on!

I leave this with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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