Alma 2

Setting study skill is what we are using this week. Alma 2: Who? When? Where?

Five years have gone by since the death of king Mosiah and Alma the elder.  There were, of course, still people within Zarahemla that were not members of the Church of God.  One such man was named Amlici and he was of the same manner that Nehor was. He was an intelligent, powerful and cunning man. Amlici wanted to be king over the people of Zarahemla and he drew many people to him.  We must remember that Mosiah had put into place laws that the voice of the people must be presented before any changes were made to the system of judges that was in place so many people, even those that were not members of the church were on alert because of the desires of Amlici.  The people gathered and they placed their thoughts and opinions to the judges and Amlici was determined not to be king.  He, of course, was angry over this decision and he caused that those that wanted him to be king to be angry as well.  Those in favor of Amlici being their king then gathered together and made Amlici a king over them and his first order of business was war against the Nephites.

The Nephites knew what was going on and they prepared for battle.  The Amlicites came at them from behind the city and began to fight.  As the battle was waging, the Nephites had Heavenly Father and his strength with them “Nevertheless the Lord did strengthen the hand of the Nephites, that they slew the Amlicites with great slaughter, that they began to flee before them.” Alma was leading the Nephites in this battle and as the Amlicites fled, Alma had his men pursue them.  They stopped for a rest in the Valley of Gideon and Alma sent out spies to follow the remaining Amlicites. The spies came back and reported to Alma that the Amlicites had joined up with a very large number of Lamanites and that they were preparing to come and take over Zarahemla.  As the Nephites were making their way back to the city, the Lamanites and Amlicites overtook them and another battle broke out.  I particularly like the end of verse 27 that gives us an idea of this battle: “the Lamanites and the Amlicites, being as numerous almost, as it were, as the sands of the sea, came upon them to destroy them.”

The Nephites defended themselves and fought to protect their land and families.  Alma fought one on one with Amlici and slew him.  Alma then fought with the king of the Lamanites, and he fled before Alma.  The Nephites continued to battle and so many men were killed that they were putting the bodies into the waters of Sidon so that people could cross the waters and the Lamanites and the people that fought with them fled into the wilderness where there were wild beasts and many of them died because of their wounds and their bones were picked by the vultures.

Moral of the chapter: don’t go to war with those that have Heavenly Father with them.  God will prevail every time as he stays with those that live righteously. And I leave this with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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