Alma 9

Alma and Amulek are going forth unto the people in Ammonihah to preach repentance.  The people are questioning Alma and his authority to teach and his testimony of Heavenly Father and of the Savior. We learn very clearly in verse 6 of Alma 9 that the people of Ammonihah do not know of Christ or Heavenly Father.  Could you imagine being in such a state that you didn’t even know that there was even a possibility of a greater being than yourself?

Alma begins to preach to the people, and he calls them out on their bad deeds.  The best part of this chapter is that Alma reminds these Nephites of the promises that God has made.  He tells them that the Lamanites, who are viewed as a vile and loathsome people, will be better off at the end of the world than they will be if they don’t get busy and repent.  Long story short: the people of Ammonihah are hard-hearted and don’t believe Alma one lick.  He tells them that if they remain in their wicked state that they will be destroyed by the Lamanites.

The people are very displeased with Alma at this time, and they wanted to toss him into prison, but it was not so at this time.  Amulek then takes his turn to cry repentance unto the people of Ammonihah.

I leave this post with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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