Alma 12

Does anyone want to come and sweep up dried Play-Doh off of the floor in our office?  I just thought I’d throw that out there and see if there were any volunteers.  Okay, let’s see what Alma 12 has to teach us today!

Amulek wrapped up at the end of Alma 11 by leaving the people, including Zeezrom, trembling and at the commence of this chapter, Alma begins to speak again.

Alma begins his speaking by calling Zeezrom out as a liar to himself, men and God.  He tells Zeezrom and the gathered multitude of Zeezrom’s devilish plan to deceive the people and set them against Alma and Amulek. Alma explains that Zeezrom’s plan comes from the adversary in an attempt to subject all of them to him, the devil.  Zeezrom began to be more convinced of the power of God and that Alma and Amulek knew the intents of his mind and heart.  Zeezrom questioned Alma further into what Amulek had already explained.  We learn that Heavenly Father imparts knowledge and wisdom to those that believe and follow His Son in righteousness.   Those that harden their hearts, will gradually lose any knowledge of good that they already had and be slowly led to hell.  Alma then explains that if we harden our hearts against the word of God that we will be condemned.  We learn that on judgment day that each and every man will stand before Christ and be judged according to our works and that we will be judged justly and accordingly.  Those that die in their sins will be chained to them for eternity and be subject to the power of Satan.

We then hear from a man named Antionah and he asks about the change from mortal to immortal, of Adam and Eve and how it is possible to live eternally.  Alma explains to them the Fall of Man.  We learn from Alma that had Adam and Eve not partaken of the fruit of the tree of life that no one would have ever died. And that since they did partake of the fruit, that man now suffers a temporal death therefore, the life that we live here on earth is our probationary state where we prepare ourselves to return to Heavenly Father.  If it were not for this plan already established in the heavens before Adam and Eve then mortal life for anyone other than Adam and Eve would not have been possible.

Alma continues to explain the Plan of Salvation including the need for repentance and faith in Jesus Christ.  This chapter wraps up with Alma asking those gathered round to repent and have softened hearts so that they may return to live with God.

I leave this post with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.



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