Alma 17

This is the last week of the semester for Pathway, so this week I will be writing about the last ten assigned chapters for the term.  I will be posting on Alma 17 through Alma 26 and then I’ll share a post with the essay for my final exam.  The final exam may be somewhere in the mix of posts, but it’ll be there and probably sooner than later.  I pray that with the season of hustle and bustle, that you have a moment to stop and be thankful for our Savior, Jesus Christ and his Atonement that helps us to be perfected in the next life.

As Alma 17 commences, we will be turning back time a little bit and read about the sons of Mosiah who decided to go out on a mission.  Keep in mind that these men are the friends that were with Alma when he was first visited by an angel.

Alma was leaving Gideon and heading towards the land of Manti, he came across the sons of Mosiah as they were heading to Zarahemla.  can yo9u imagine being wandering on dirt paths and by chance coming across your childhood friends that you haven’t heard from in  fourteen years.  Alma was so overjoyed at finding his friends and even more so in learning that these men had grown strong in the way of the Lord.  These four men left the land of Zarahemla directly after refusing to take the kingdom from their father Mosiah and left with everything they needed to take care of themselves as far as food while they were traveling and doing missionary work.  They left and wandered in the wilderness for many days fasting and praying asking that the Spirit would be with them and that they would be “an instrument in the hands of God” to bring men to the truth.  They then received revelation from the Lord telling them where they should go and telling them to be patient and set good examples to others and that if they so did, they would be instruments in God’s work.  When the four brothers came to the land of the Lamanites, they all parted ways and put their trust with Heavenly Father that they should meet again.  Just prior to parting ways, the eldest brother Ammon blessed each of his brothers that they would have the word of God with them.

Ammon went to the land of Ishmael where he was taken into custody and bound to be carried before the king.  The king of Ishmael was a man named Lamoni who asked Ammon if it was his wish to live in Ishmael among the Lamanites.  Ammon answered in the affirmative and he was them loosed from his bands and offered one of the kings daughters to wife.  Ammon declined the wife and offered to be king Lamoni’s servant. And so it was.  Ammon was set to watch over the kings flocks and take them to the watering hole.  There were many men at the watering hole that found it funny to scatter the kings sheep and then see the servants killed at the command of the king for being poor shepherds.  As these men scattered the kings sheep, Ammon calmed the other servants that were with him and told them to be of good cheer and the sheep will be gathered.  He and the others then went in search of the sheep and brought them back to the watering hole.  These mean men again tried to scatter the kings flocks, but Ammon instructed the other servants to encircle the sheep so that they would not run off and Ammon would go and contend with the men that were doing evil.

These men did not fear Ammon, and they assumed that they could kill him easily enough, but they knew not that Ammon had the power of the Lord with him.  Ammon began to sling rocks at these men and with this method he killed several of them.  This made the others quite mad and since they couldn’t hit Ammon with the stones that they slung back, they came at him with their clubs in attempt to kill him.   Now, every single one of these men that lifted their club in attempt to kill Ammon, he “smote off their arms with his sword” with his sword.  Ammon then killed their ring leader with the sword for a total of seven men dead and many many more missing an arm.  All of the arms were then gathered up and Ammon went back to water the sheep and then herd them back to the kings pasture.  When the sheep were safe back home, Ammon carried all of these arms in to the king to let him know what had happened at the watering hole.

I leave this  message with you (don’t scatter the sheep) in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.



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