Alma 18

Alma 18 continues to story of Ammon with king Lamoni.  Let’s have a summary of the chapter and see who learns what…. maybe I will even learn a thing or two.

At the end of Alma 17, king Lamoni was learning of Ammon’s great deeds at the watering place for the flocks.  As Ammon was out prepping the horses and chariots for king Lamoni to travel to feast with his father in the land of Nephi, king Lamoni was told of all of Ammon’s deeds.  King Lamoni asked that Ammon be brought in to him.  King Lamoni was in awe at Ammon for remembering to do all that the king had asked and wondered if Ammon was The Great Spirit.

Ammon came in to the king and noticed immediately that there was a change in countenance about Lamoni and he turned to leave.  As he was leaving, one of the kings servants stopped him and called him  a term that means “powerful or great king” and was told that the king wants him to stay.  An hour passed and Lamoni had yet to say a word to Ammon.  Ammon asked the king what it was that he could help him with.  Lamoni still didn’t answer.  Ammon was then filled with the Holy Ghost and “perceived the thoughts of the king.”  Ammon and Lamoni then talked and Lamoni asked if Ammon was the Great Spirit.  Ammon answers honestly and then Lamoni agrees to hearken unto the words of Ammon.

To shorten the story some, Ammon tells king Lamoni who God is, of the creation of earth, of the plan of salvation and of the workings of Heavenly Father.  Ammon tells of the records of the people that have come out of Jerusalem and passed down for generations since the time of Lehi.  King Lamoni listens and then we learn that Lamoni believes on the words of Ammon and cries out in prayer.  During Lamoni’s prayer, he galls to the ground and is carried into his wife where he lay for two days and two nights while his family mourns over him, believing that he is about to die.

Stay tuned for more of this great conversion story! I leave this with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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