Alma 19

Alma 19 is an amazing chapter with some super great miracles! I urge you to read the chapter in it’s entirety on your own.  My summary is short and is thus:

The queen comes to get Ammon she asks him if Lamoni is dead.  Ammon tells her that he is with God and that he will wake up tomorrow.  The queen stays with him and Lamoni wakes up when Ammon said he would.  As Lamoni wakes up, he begins to testify of Jesus Christ.  Lamoni was overjoyed so much that he again fell to the earth, as did the queen.  Ammon then fell in a prayer of thanksgiving.  Many of the servants of the queen and king then fell to the ground in prayer because of their fear of God and what they have witnessed.  A lovely lady and servant to the queen named Abish who already believed on Jesus Christ saw everything occurring and went to go and gather the Lamanites so that they would have the opportunity to witness the workings and glory of God.  Many gathered and as they gathered they began to argue with one another about what was happening.  Some thought that Ammon was of the devil, others of the Great Spirit and some thought as Lamoni previously did that Ammon was the Great Spirit himself.  Abish finally gets back to the house of the king and finds everyone fighting, so she goes to the queens side and holds her hand.  As this happens, the queen arises and gives praise to God.  The queen then grabs hold of Lamoni’s hand and he wakes and begins to rebuke the people for fighting and then shares with them to marvels of what has transpired and preaches the word of God to his people.

Many of the people of king Lamoni did not want to hear the word of God and so they went their own way, but many others believed and said that they had seen angels.  Baptisms occurred and the church was established i the land.

I love the last verse “and we see that his arm is extended to all people who will repent and believe on his name.”  I testify that this is true, Jesus Christ is the Savior and redeemer of this world.  I leave this with you in his holy name, Amen.


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