Alma 20

I’m behind again….. I am thankful that the end of the semester is in two days, but I am behind again.  I sometimes think that with the Christmas season upon us and as I strive to do service and put Christ first in my life that other areas (like school and blog posts for school) get dropped.  Satan is working hard in my life and I am determined to follow through with my telling him to get thee hence.

Let’s take a look and see what I can learn from the next few chapters in Alma, starting with Alma 20. I’d like to be able to get through Alma 24 today, so my posts may be short.  Please go read for yourselves if these end up too short to be helpful to you in your studies and understanding.

As you recall from my last post Ammon had just finished setting up the church in the land of Ishmael.  Ammon is then invited by Lamoni to go to the land of Nephi to meet up with Lamoni’s father as Lamoni desired that Ammon should meet him.  As this happens, Ammon receives revelation from the Lord that he needs to go to the land of Middoni to retrieve his brothers from prison.  He shares this information with Lamoni and they both set out together to Middoni.  As they are on their way, they come across Lamoni’s father who is not too happy.  Lamoni didn’t show up for the feast that he held because he was asleep with God at the time.  Lamoni’s father is even more mad when he discovers that Lamoni is hanging out with a lowly Nephite and accuses Ammon of being a liar, a robber with attempts to deceive the Lamanites.  He then demands that Lamoni kill Ammon and Lamoni refuses.  Lamoni’s father then raises his sword to kill his own son and Ammon stands in his defense and has a little sword fight with the king.  Ammon wins after injuring the king and they have a quaint little chat.  It is decided by bartering that Ammon and Lamoni may go free and go to Middoni to save Ammon’s brothers and that Lamoni may keep his kingdom forever.  The king is so impressed with the love that Ammon has for Lamoni that he bids them to come and visit him in the land of Nephi when Ammon has rescued his brothers.

Ammon and Lamoni continue their journey to Middoni and and Lamoni is able to convince the king of this land to release Aaron, Muloki and Ammah.  Ammon is grievous over the condition in which his brothers were found, but they withstood their sufferings and afflictions.

I leave this with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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