Alma 21

This chapter and the five following will be the stories of Aaron and his brethren preaching to the Lamanites.

Alma 21 begins a little back in time when Ammon and his brothers parted ways to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Ammon’s brother Aaron went into a land that the Lamanites had named Jerusalem (named after Jerusalem in Israel.)  Aaron came into the city and found Lamanites that had hardened their hearts and Amalekites that had hearts harder than that of the Lamanites.

Aaron began to preach in the synagogues in the land and an Amalekite began to questions Aaron’s authority and his beliefs.  This Amalekite asked of Aaron many questions regarding belief and tradition.  Here Aaron learned that the people certainly did not believe in the coming of Christ or that anyone could know of future events.  Aaron then read scripture to the people and explained the Plan of Salvation.  The people became more angry with Aaron and he then left Jerusalem and went to a village called Ani-Anti.

In Ani-Anti Aaron came upon his brother Muloki and Ammah who were preaching the gospel.  The people here were still not ready to hear the word of God, so the group of brothers left and went over to Middoni.  Here in Middoni, the group began to share the word of God again and they called the people unto repentance, but they were thrown in prison.

Ammon and Lamoni arrive in Middoni and are able to free the brethren from prison and the are fed and dressed again and taken care of.  After Lamoni and Ammon freed them, they began again to share the word of God and many received their word and came unto the fold.

Lamoni and Ammon returned to Lamoni’s land of Ishmael and Lamoni shared the news of their religious freedom unto his people and Ammon shared the gospel among them.  Many people were converted and were “zealous for keeping the commandments of God.” (verse 23)

And I leave this with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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