Alma 22

Alma 22 commences with Ammon teaching the people in Ishmael and then quickly moves over for us to learn more of Aaron and his preaching.

After Aaron and his brethren were released from prison and commenced their work in Middoni, they traveled to the land of Nephi.  Here they went and presented themselves before the king.   They told the king who they were and the king told them that he didn’t want anything from them other than to have some of his questions answered.  He had remembered the words that Ammon had shared with him and wanted to understand the meaning of Ammon’s words.

Aaron then asked the king if he believed that there is a God and the king said that he essentially said that he knows of people that believe that there is a god, but he doesn’t know for himself.  The king then proclaims that if Aaron says there is a god, then he will believe for himself.  Aaron continues to explain the basics to the king and reads to him from the scriptures beginning at the creation of the world and including the fall of Alma 22 15Adam, and the Plan of Salvation.  After Aaron finished talking, the king asked how he could possess eternal life for himself and get rid of the wicked spirit that he holds.  Aaron told him he needed to pray and repent.   The king does so and then falls to the ground and appears to be dead.

Servants seeing that the king has fallen to the ground run and get the queen.  The queen is distraught and commands that Aaron and his brethren are slain.  The servants believe that Aaron and his brothers are very powerful and refuse to touch them and so they are then told by the queen to go get people from the city to kill Aaron and his brethren.  Aaron seeing that a multitude would certainly outnumber them, goes to the king and holds his hand and tells him to stand.  The king arises and a great conversion begins to take place.

The remainder of this chapter continues to explain the regional divisions of the land in a geographical manner.

I leave this post with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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