Alma 26

Where has the time gone?  Christmas came and went, and so has the new year.  The new semester for school starts tomorrow and this is why I am here writing now.  So last semester ended with this chapter Alma 26, that I didn’t actually type up a blog post for and this semester starts with Alma 30.  I find this very interesting, as there are actually words to read in the three chapters in between…. eh, I guess I’ll kick out some blog posts and be ready for what the winter semester has to bring!

Alma 26 starts with Ammon sharing words with his brethren and explaining to them all of the reasons that they have for rejoicing.  Ammon and his brethren brought thousands of men, women, and children into the fold of Jesus Christ.  They set up churches, they shared the gospel.  Aaron, Ammon’s brother, was fearful that Ammon was being boastful, and he said as much.  Ammon says, I am boasting, but I am boasting at the strength and power of God and how great He is.

This chapter continues on and shares how great God is and how well He took care of the sons of Mosiah while they were out on their mission.  Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are wonderful.  Jesus Christ, should be the center of our daily lives and He will take care of you if you are obedient to his commandments and follow his path.  I pray that you are on your way, and if not, that you get there as quickly as you can blink.  He is the only way to receive redemption.

I leave this with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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