Alma 27

So…. back to those that like war.  The Amalekites were not too happy that they lost in battle.  After they returned home they stirred up their people and decided to go to battle against those that refused to fight; the Anti-Nephi-Lehies.

Ammon got wind of their plans and he and his brethren went to the king pleading for his help that they might go save the righteous.  The king was worried about being destroyed, so Ammon went to pray and ask Heavenly Father if they should go.  The Lord said for Ammon and the people to go and help, and thus they did.  They went into Zarahemla to see if they would allow the Anti-Nephi-Lehies into their land.  And as they were on this short journey, Ammon and his brethren met up with Alma.

Ammon was so full of joy that it exhausted all of his strength and he fell to the earth. Can you imagine being filled with that much joy?  To be so joyous that you fall to the earth and can no longer stand?  I know that I have had moments of happiness and sheer joy in my life, but never have I lost all of my strength because of it.  As Ammon wasn’t quite himself due to being overcome with joy, Alma led everyone back to his home in Zarahemla and they went to talk to the chief judge about having the Anti-Nephi-Lehies stay with them.  It comes about that the people of Zarahemla give the land of Jershon to them and they also pledge to watch over them as they are not a fighting people.

This wraps up the chapter, but really you should read it for yourself.  To be peaceful brings great blessings.


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