Alma 29

This is the last “catch-up” chapter that I have before the last half of the Book of Mormon starts up for studying a week from today.  I will have some posts to share in the meantime, but this will be it as far as full chapters to read this week.

Alma 29 is full of great information to study and a few popular verses, as they pertain to our lives today.  Let’s take a look.

Alma is such a righteous prophet.  This chapter opens with us learning the deepest desires of his heart.  Alma wants nothing more than to cry repentance to every single man on the earth, that everyone might knowAlma 29 3.jpg the glory and grace of Jesus Christ.  In verse three, he subdues his prayer some and reminds himself that he is but human and that he should be content with what he has been given…. as we all should.

Alma continues his prayer and reminding himself and all of us that he should be content, and he even questions his desires.  He knows that Heavenly Father will provide to all as he states in verse eight. Alma then states in verse nine that he glories in that which the Lord hath commanded him.

What I find most interesting in this chapter, however, is verse 10.  Here we learn that when Alma sees people truly penitent that he remembers what it is that the Lord has done for him.  Isn’t that something to ponder?  When we see others penitent that we could remember all that the Lord has done for us in our lives….

Ponder that in your meditation and prayers. I leave this with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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