A Brief Explanation about the Book of Mormon

Directly after reading the testimony of Joseph Smith, we turn the page and find a brief explanation about the Book of Mormon.

We have already learned from Joseph Smith that the book contains a record of the ancient  inhabitants on the American continents.  This page gives supplemental information that may assist a reader in better understanding some of the references within the pages.

One learns what the Pates of Nephi, The Plates of Mormon, the Plates of Ether and the Plates of Brass are.  Furthermore, this explanation tells us how the Book of Mormon is set up; almost like a table of contents.  There is more information on what the italics text within the book means and where these words come from.

I do hope that you will read it if you are reading the Book of Mormon for the first time, or for the 1,000 time.  It is great information to have, and remember, we can take our knowledge with us in the next life.

In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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