Alma 30

Yesterday began a new week for class, and this week I will be studying Alma 30 through Alma 35.  These six chapters will bring some enlightenment, as I know what the general topic of Alma 30 is.  Like last semester, I have a study skill to utilize each week and since there was not one presented at last weeks gathering, I have chosen to focus on substitution, at least through any posts Thursday.

A review on substitution:

  • Replace someone’s name with your own or insert your name into a verse.
  • Follow the pronoun
  • Look for words that you don’t understand
  • Use the dictionary
  • Look up words that are confusing and may have meant something different when the scriptures were written…. use the internet for “archaic” terms
  • Use the scriptures to determine the Lord’s definition of a word

Okay, let’s dig in so that I don’t get behind on studies before it’s time for gathering this week!

So let’s talk about the people of Ammon.  Once they were settled in the land of Jershon and after the Lamanites were gone from the area, there were thousands upon thousands of people deceased from the war; so many dead that they didn’t count.  The Nephites mourned and kept the commandments of God.

About a year went by, and there came a man into the land of Zarahemla and he was Anti-Christ.  This man’s name is Korihor, and him being an Anti-Christ means that he went about and told people that he did not believe in Christ and that Christ would not come.  There was no law against this, as there are no laws today saying that you can not believe something.  So Korihor told the people that Christ would not come and that He was a non-entity.  Korihor told the people that they were foolish to believe that Christ would come.  He believed that there could not be prophesy into the future.   As Korihor went about telling the Nephites these despicable lies, many of them believed.  It is much easier to live life following ones own whims than it is to live righteously.  Many people were lead astray by Korihor’s wicked ways.

Korihor moved on from Zarahemla into the land of Jershon.  The people of Ammon were strong in their testimony of Jesus Christ.  They heard him and they took Korihor and bound him up and presented him to the high priest.  They decided that he needed to leave their land and they took him out of the city.  Korihor then went over to the land of Gideon where the same thing happened.  Korihor was bound and taken in front of the high priest and chief judge.  When questioned regarding his perverse ways of thinking, he shared his belief and how he thought that everyone that believed on Jesus Christ was a fool.  The leaders of Gideon kept Korihor bound and took him back to Zarahemla before Alma.

Now, Alma, and Korihor had some really great conversation…. please read this.  Find out for yourself.  Alma is amazing and shares some great words with Korihor and then, Heavenly Father answers a prayer….. and then….. something amazing happens to Korihor.  Go, read!   It’s a great story of Heavenly Father’s power and the power of prayer of a righteous man.  Go on, don’t wait… Start at verse 30!

I leave this cliffhanger with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


Oh, wait…. what if you substituted your name for Korihor in this story?  How would you feel about yourself?  what if you chose to be Alma instead?  Hmmmmm





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