Alma 35

Last one for the week!  It’s been several weeks since I have been ahead of the game with blog posts, so I am excited that if I get another post done this week after this one, that it will be for next week’s studying!  Whooo-hoo!

To top it off, Alma 35 is only 16 verses long.  Still using substitution study skill method and let’s see what we have to learn.

So, the leaders of the Zoramites were none to happy regarding the teachings of Alma and his brethren.  Essentially, they sent out spies among their own people, discovered who believed in the Word of God and kicked them out of the land.  These people fled to Jershon.  The people of Ammon in Jershon opened their hearts and gave to them and got them set up to take care of themselves.  The head honcho of the Zoramites then came to Jershon threatening them to give them back the people who had fled.  When this didn’t happen, the Zoramites hooked up with the Lamanites and began a war.  Prior to the war commencing, the original people of Ammon left Jershon and went over to Melek to be safe and to make room for the Nephites who would contend with the Lamanites.

Alma was heavily grieved because of this war and when he settled again in Zarahemla, his heart was sore for all that was going on.  A heavy heart full of worry for his people and their spiritual well being would be overwhelming.  Alma gathered his sons and to each of them commandments and charge “concerning the things pertaining unto righteousness” (verse 16).  And this is where we shall pick up next week.

I do hope that you have enjoyed this week’s posts and that you will remember to pray always, don’t procrastinate repentance, and allow your faith to grow. I leave this with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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