FDREL 122 L01 Putting It All Together

This was an exhausting week.  It seems like each day something has pulled at me and made my day feel like it has spun out of control to some extent.  I don’t mean that each day I felt like I was falling apart, but they certainly all had their challenges.

Here’s what I really learned this week as I thought a lot about the Zoramites and how diligent Alma and Amulek were in teaching them: I learned that the more you stay focused on what it is that you need to do to become more Christ like, the more that the adversary works to pull you away.  I have had a very hard time feeling the Spirit with me this week and I believe that some diligence on my part is to blame.  I very well know that when you focus your efforts in becoming more Christ like, that the devil puts in overtime to try to prevent you from doing so.  I worked hard on financial planning and staying on budget this week which has been very successful.  I worked hard to ensure that our family held Family Home Evening and read family scriptures each night this week, which was successful.  I have tried to have a prayer in my heart throughout the day, which used to be very easy, and this week, it feels like it has been impossible.  Each time that I stop to think about having a prayer in my heart, something interrupts me.  It has been a very odd week, but I have been successful in other areas.

Going back to the Zoramites, and what lead me down the previous paragraph is how perverted the ways of the Lord became in their eyes.  What I love so much about this weeks reading is Amulek teaching the Zoramites.  Amulek shares that the only way to receive salvation is through Christ and that unless His atonement is made, all of mankind shall die.  The plan of redemption is explained in simple terms and we learn that this life is where we need to work to ensure that we will again return to live with our Heavenly Father.  Additionally, I really learned from Alma’s prayer in Alma 31.  Alma’s prayer was deliberate and specific, and I would like to try and ensure that my prayers follow this wonderful example.

Lastly, I learned through the Holy Ghost, who confirmed to my mind that I should be working on obedience to commandments for my Attributes of Christ project for the next few weeks.  I am comforted to know that even though I haven’t been able to feel Him as much as I would have liked throughout this week, that He is still there and answering my prayers.

I leave this post with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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