Alma 42

Do you ever get excited because you’re almost done for the week?  That feeling that it’s Friday and there’s only one hour left until the work week is over….the time either goes by so quickly that it feels like ten minutes or it simply crawls by and that one hour feels like four.  Anyway, I am in the first half of that… I am on the last required chapter of study for the week and therefore the last blog post for scripture assignment for the week as well.  I am excited about this because I want to be able to go back over some of the really important doctrine and principles that were laid out in this weeks assigned reading.  Let’s wrap up Alma 42 and the last bit of counsel that Alma provides to Corianton.

Maybe this will be a post filled with my rhetorical questions…. have you ever started reading a chapter in scripture and just felt overwhelmed with the Spirit that you just can’t share with anyone else what is going on inside of you?

Alma 42, in a nutshell is Alma explaining to Corianton that our life here on Earth is a time for us to learn, grow and repent of our sins.  It is a time for us to serve God and our fellow man.  Alma spells out the plan of salvation and the fall of man and the reasons for both.  I understand them to an extent, and I am learning more and more about both as I continue to study and understand scripture.  I will not expound further on this topic, as I do not feel that I am well enough versed to share my thoughts in a specific manner.  I do not wish to confuse anyone at all.  If you would like either of these topics to be discussed with you in further detail, I would urge that you contact missionaries from your local area to direct your efforts.

Thank you for understanding.  I leave this with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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