Alma 43

This week is going to be so full of posts it’s almost unreal.  I will be studying Alma 43 through Alma 63 and posting on each chapter.  The study skill for this week is substitution.  With this skill, as we ready the scriptures, we replace our own names with the names of others in the scriptures or replace pronouns with our names.  Since there are so many chapters to get through, we best get started!

Reading the first three verses of Alma 43, tells me that it may be difficult to use the substitution skill set this week as we are in the war chapters of The Book of Mormon.  But I will do my best.  Since we will be reading a lot of war this week, I thought that I should share this with you:  In the Student Manual for The Book of Mormon, on page 248 it reads “SInce Mormon saw our day and knew we would live in a time of “wars and rumors of wars”, he included how to live righteously during these times.”  I had never thought of this being the reason why this section is so heavy with war tales, but now I have a better understanding.

The start of this chapter tells us that Alma and his s0ons went forth preaching the word of God and then it transitions over to war. Next we learn that the war is going to be between the Nephites who are living righteously and the Lamanites.  The Zoramites and the Amalekites have joined forces with the Lamanites and these two groups are Nephite dissenters and therefore know the Word of God.  The number of men fighting for the Lamanites is great compared to that of the Nephites; however they are fighting for completely different causes.  The Nephites are fighting for their families, their right to live freely and worship God.  The Lamanites are fighting for power and the ability to control the Nephites.

I think one of my favorite verses in this chapter is verse 16 where we first read of Moroni.  Please know that he, Moroni, sits atop the Latter-day Saint temples, and he was not only a great Captain over the armies of the Nephites, an amazing strategist and leader, but he was also a prophet of God.  This chapter tells us that as these wars commence, Moroni is but 25 years old and in my opinion, must have been given an amazing gift from Heavenly Father to be such a great leader at a young age.

Another point from the chapter that I really love is that even though in war, Moroni leading the troops to battle ensures that he inquires of the Lord what it is that he should do.  He has his questions answered and is then better able to defend the Nephites.

This particular battle ends with the Nephites defending the land of Jershon and the land of Manti against the Lamanites and then Moroni being a great leader insist that his men stop shedding the blood of the Lamanites when the Lamanites show true fear of being obliterated.

I leave this post with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.



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