Alma 44

Alma 44 picks up right where Alma 43 left off.  Moroni has commanded his men to stop fighting.  At this point, Moroni tells the leader of the Lamanite army, Zerahemnah, that if they throw down their weapons and give an oath that they will fight no more against the Nephites, that the war shall be over.

Moroni explains that God is with the Nephites and that their reasons for fighting are clearly different.  Zerahemnah tosses down his weapon, but tells Moroni that he can’t make an oath that he knows that he won’t keep.   Zerahemnah then says that the Lamanites don’t believe the same things that the Nephites do and that they only think that the Nephites have been successful in this battle because of the strategies that Moroni employed.  Moroni insisted that if there was no oath, that there would be more bloodshed.  Zerahemnah then picked up his sword again and was really peeved with Moroni and rushed toward Moroni to slay him.  As Zerahemnah raised his sword to kill Moroni, one of the Nephite soldiers hit the sword and broke it at the hilt and then he scalped Zerahemnah.  Zerahemnah retreated into the crowd of his troops and the Nephite soldier placed the scalp on the tip of his sword and told all of the Lamanite soldiers that if they did not enver into a covenant to no longer fight against the Nephites that they would “fall to the earth.”

Many Lamanites came forth and entered into an oath with Moroni, however, a greater number did not and then the battle began again.  Many more were killed and then Zerahemnah changed his mind and decided that he and his people would indeed enter into an oath with the Nephites.  Everyone then went back to their homes with many men dead and buried at sea.

I write this short post to you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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