Alma 47

Alma 47 isn’t a long chapter and it isn’t a short chapter either.  However, I’m going to sum it up as quickly as I can.

Amalickiah fled into the the wilderness previously with some men that wouldn’t declare themselves to be Christian.  He then went before the king of the Lamanites to gain favor in his eyes and was able to get the king to send him to chase down some dissenters.  When Amalickiah did this, he wasn’t really serving the king, he was plotting a way to take over the kingdom.  Amalickiah went to the dissenters and ended up being able to sweet talk his way into being second in command of the dissenters.  He then had the king of the dissenters slowly poisoned and when the king died he was then ushered into command.  At this point, he then led all of these men back to the king of the Lamanites and in Shakespearean fashion murdered the king.  Amalickiah then blamed the servants of the king for the death and chased after them to kill the witnesses.  The witnesses escaped to Zarahemla.  Amalickiah then sweet talked the queen and convinced her that with false witnesses that the servants killed the king.  He then married the queen and was now the king of the Lamanites, which was his evil plan from the beginning.  Amalickiah was a cunning man led by the king of lies.

In the last verse of this chapter we read that these men of Amalickiah, are more fierce and horrible in their lives than that of any Lamanites.  Such a sad state of affairs these men are in because they have turned their back on the Lord.

And I leave this with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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