Alma 50

Alma 50 starts out by teaching us that Moroni, even though victorious against the Lamanites, did not stop working on fortifications throughout the land of the Nephites.   The Nephites worked diligently at building up their cities so that they could defend themselves against the Lamanites.  They even went out seeking Lamanites to get out of the wilderness that surrounded their land and to build new cities and fortify them as well.

Unfortunately, there became a contention among the Nephites regarding some property in one of the new areas and a man named Morianton led some of “his” men to battle against the others in whom he was in contention with.  These people fled and found Moroni.  Moroni send some troops lead by a man named Teancum to head them off before they crossed over into some dangerous territory.  Teancum was successful and he ended up having to kill Morianton, but this ended the skirmish and everyone else was restored to their land.

My favorite part of this chapter are verses 18 through 21.  Here we learn that Heavenly Father is a merciful God and that He keeps his promises.  The people of Nephi were blessed for keeping commandments and the prophecies of Lehi were being fulfilled.  Verse 23 tells us that there was never a happier time among the Nephites than right now, during the time of Moroni, except for several hundred years ago during the time that Nephi was leading the people.  What a great place to be…. can you put yourself in that time?  In the time where your governmental leader was a God fearing, worshiping man who insisted on protecting life, liberty, religious freedom and the pursuit of happiness?   How glorious it must have been!

I leave this with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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