Alma 51

Peace.  Let there be peace, and there was for but a moment.  Alma 51 commences with information that as a new chief judge had been appointed at the death of Nephihah there were some in the land that wanted some points of the law changed.  The new chief judge, Pahoran, said no.  There was then a division among the people, those who wanted to change the law completely and have a king reign over them and those that wanted to retain the current governmental system.  This was put to a vote to the people and those that wanted the current judge system to remain in effect, won the vote.  Most of those that wanted to turn things into a monarchy were considered to be of high-birth and wanted to run things their way to the benefit of the wealthy.

As we continue the reading, we learn that nothing has really settled down with the Lamanites, and that Amalickiah was still after Moroni’s blood (what a horrible man).  Amalickiah was getting his people ready to go up to battle against the Nephites who really were just settling their own disputes.  The chapter tells us that this was pretty much just the wrong time for the Nephites to be arguing with themselves.

Amalickiah heads up his army, and comes himself prepared to battle.  The Nephites, that wanted to have a monarchy flat out refused to go to battle to protect the Nephites because they didn’t win the vote (can you say selfish?).  Moroni was just a tad bit upset by this, and when I say a tad bit, I mean A LOT.  Moroni was so anguished over the stubbornness of these men that he sent forth a petition that these men would either fight to defend their people, land and liberties, or be put to death (can you say treason?).  4,000 men were slain because of stubborn pride, and those that did not change their mind and fight for freedom were cast into prison to have trials later… after the battle with the Lamanites.

As the Nephites were dealing with their own issues, Amalickiah marched in to the city of Moroni and took over, killing many Nephites.  Amalickiah was taking over, he went from city to city taking power and control everywhere that the Nephites were not fortified and prepared to defend themselves.  As the Lamanites marched on, they met up with the brigade of men lead by Teancum.  Teancum and his men were fierce warriors and very skilled in battle.  These men did contend with the Lamanites well and slayed many to the point of gaining advantage over them.  Night fell, both sides pitched their tents for the evening.  Teancum and his servant set out and sneaked into the camp of Amalickiah.  Teancum slipped into the leaders tent and put a javelin through his heart.  The death of Amalickiah was so stealthy that no one awoke.  Teancum went back to his camp and woke his men and told them what he had done and readied them for battle to be prepared for when the Lamanites discovered that their leader was dead.

And thus the fifty-first chapter of Alma closes.

I leave this with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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