Alma 52

And the sun has risen….. the Lamanites discover that king Amalickiah is dead. They immediately make his brother Ammoron king.  Ammoron and his people retreat to the city of Mulek which they previously took by force and the shedding of much blood.  Teancum being skilled and intelligent, instead of pursuing the Lamanites at this point, stayed where he was with his army and began making preparations for defense.  The Lamanites, however, thought that they were preparing to advance on them.  As Teancum and his men awaited reinforcements from Moroni, Moroni sent a messenger to ensure that all of the Lamanite prisoners were kept so that they could perhaps use them to trade for the Nephite prisoners. Moroni also sent other words regarding defense and fortification to Teancum and closed with letting Teancum know that he could not come at this time  because he was fighting back the Lamanites in the part of the land that he was in.

Ammoron took his troops and went about to begin war against the Nephites.  At this same time, Moroni was marching his troops to go and meet up with Teancum to help out. and then Teancum received orders to overtake Mulek.  Unfortunately, it was not going to happen at this time.  The Lamanites had built up the fortifications of Mulek and Teancum had to retreat with his brigade to Bountiful to await Moroni’s arrival.  When Moroni arrived the captains of the Nephites had a meeting where they planned to regain Mulek.

Their first attempt was to use flattery to get Jacob, the leader of the troops in Mulek to come and meet them in the plains for battle, but Jacob refused.  They then decided that Teancum would take a small army to the beach and at night, Moroni would go into the wilderness to the west and then they would believe that the entire army was on the coast.   When Jacob’s guards alerted him of the troops at the beach, Jacob sent his men to battle.  When the Lamanites came forth, Teancum and his men retreated to the north.  As Teancum retreated, the Lamanites pursued and Moroni came in from the west and marched right into the city of Mulek and took over.  Meanwhile, the Lamanite army continued to chase Teancum all the way to the city Bountiful where Teancum met up with Lehi and his army.  The Lamanites had great fear of Lehi and they began to flee back towards Mulek, not knowing that Moroni had overtaken the city.  And thus the Lamanites were surrounded by Nephite armies.  Moroni then gave a command to fight against the Lamanites until they would surrender their weapons.  Jacob would not allow this and had his men fight until the death, up until Moroni was injured and Jacob was dead.  Moroni then announced to the Lamanites that if they would surrender their weapons, his men would stop slaying them and some did and many did not.  Those that would not surrender their weapons were taken prisoner. And this chapter of war comes to a close.

I leave this synopsis with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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