Alma 55

“Now it came to pass”  is one of my family’s favorite sayings from the Book of Mormon.  We say this phrase in all kinds of silly voices and have a good time with it, as this phrase is seen over and over again.  However, there is much to be learned from this simple phrase.  It pretty much means “and now this happened.”  We love it and it makes our family reading a little more enjoyable when we have a little fun with it.

Alma 55 starts with Moroni receiving the return epistle from Ammoron.  Moroni was very angry because of the content of Ammoron’s note and that he stood accused of being a war wager.  Moroni then chose to not exchange prisoners with Ammoron, and that he would just go about saving the Nephites in a different way.

Moroni found among his people a man of Lamanite decent, and his name was Laman.  Laman was then sent to the Lamanite guards at the city of Gid with a very strong bottle (or bottles) of wine.  He tried to tell the Lamanites to save the wine, but they were insistent upon drinking it right then and there; and so they did.  The guards got very drunk and then passed out.  The Nephite army led by Moroni then slipped silently into Gid and armed all of the Nephite prisoners inside.  The army then went back out and surrounded the city.  When morning came, the Lamanites saw that there was no chance for them  and they surrendered to Moroni.  Not a single drop of blood was shed and the people and prisoners were saved.  The Lamanites were taken captive and led back to Bountiful with the other Lamanite prisoners.

Slowly but surely the Nephites were taking back their land and by the direction of Moroni, they were very smart to not get trapped in snares set by the Lamanite armies to try and recover their own prisoners.

This chapter closes with Moroni preparing to go to war again against the city of Morianton which is the Lamanite’s strongest city.

I leave this with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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