Alma 57

The city of Anitparah that was in Lamanite control falls into the hands of the Nephites and Helaman because the people knew that the Nephites were coming to war against them.  Therefore they fled and the city was now in Nephite possession.

Helaman then led the stripling warriors to battle against the city of Cumeni.  The crew camped out at night surrounding the city and sleeping on their swords to defend themselves as the Lamanites would attempt to kill them in their sleep, and each time they tried, they were killed instead.  Finally provisions arrived in Cumeni for the Lamanites and Helaman and his sons were able to take the provisions for themselves because they were staying just o9utside the city.  The Lamanites then were without food and eventually surrendered to the little army so they didn’t die of hunger.  Now, there were so many prisoners that they had to use the entire army to keep watch over them and there were little skirmishes with so many prisoners.

Helaman had to send the prisoners away and part of his army to lead them to Zarahemla with the remainder staying behind in Cumeni.  The following day, the warriors who had left for Zarahemla returned, without the prisoners, and this ended up being a very good thing.  Ammoron had sent a large army and there was a great battle in Cumeni.  Had the warriors not returned, the outcome could have been much different.  With them returning, they defeated the Lamanites with many of them fleeing before the stripling warriors.  With this great battle, still, not a single of these 2,000 boys had died, all of them  were injured , but none died.   1,000 other Nephite soldiers died, but not one of the stripling warriors.  This is attributed to their faith.  Helaman states in verses 26-27 : “And now, their preservation was astonishing to our whole army, yea, that they should be spared while there was a thousand of our brethren who were slain.  And we do justly ascribe it to the miraculous power of God, because of their exceeding faith in that which hey had bee taught to believe – that there was a just God, and whosoever did not doubt, that they should be preserved by his marvelous power. Now this was the faith of these of whom I have spoken; they are young, and their minds are firm, and they do put their trust in God continually.”

Can you use substitution in those verses?  Make yourself a stripling warrior.  “And now, Samantha’s preservation was astonishing to the whole army, yea, that she should be spared while there was a thousand of our brethren slain…… Now this was the faith of Samantha…” If we can’t say this, we should be able to.  I will work on it, and allow my faith to grow (and pray that I never have to stand and defend a city).

I leave this with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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