Alma 61

There are a few tidbits that I love about this chapter, even though the chapter in its entirety hurts my heart.  Have you noticed that as you study the Book of Mormon that you love these men?  I have, I love them for what they stand for, I love them as brethren in the gospel, I love them as courageous leaders, I love them as prophets of God.

Recall that Moroni sent a very strong epistle to Pahoran regarding the lack of support from the government.  Here, in Alma 61, we read Pahoran’s return letter.  Very briefly, we learn that there is a civil unrest in the city of Zarahemla.  Pahoran has fled with as many men as he could and those that sought to usurp Pahoran from the judgement seat have proclaimed Zarahemla as their own.  These men are called king-men and they appointed a king over the land.  This king then went into contract with the Lamanites to retain Zarahemla so that they could have a better strategy to completely overpower the Nephites and rule all of the land.

Pahoran asks Moroni to strengthen Lehi and Teancum in God and leave them some troops while taking his own army and marching to the city of Gideon where Pahoran has fled to.  Pahoran asks Moroni this so that they can, as an army, march back to Zarahemla and reclaim the city and have provisions for the rest of the militia and win this war.

The things that I love about this epistle are that even though Moroni was not so nice in his letter to Pahoran, Pahoran just brushes off the harshness and in verse nine says: “it mattereth not, I am not angry, but do rejoice in the greatness of your heart.”  How many times do we get upset in this life, over something that isn’t such a big deal in the grand scheme of things?  Pahoran sets a great example here for all of us.  Next, as Pahoran closes his epistle, he states that Moroni is his beloved brother.  These men are not literal brothers, but he loves him as such and as I read this chapter, I really felt that love shining through.  I very much appreciate what Pahoran has to teach me.

I leave this with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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