Alma 63

Last one!   I am so thankful to say that for the week.  As soon as I finish this post, I will be able to complete one of my commitments to my online class and then do my putting it all together assignment.  I am so close to done for this week’s work that I might get up and do a little dance.

At the very end of Alma 62, Helaman passes away.  So, here, in Alma 63, we read that Helaman’s brother Shiblon “took possession of those sacred things which had been delivered unto Helaman by Alma.” So, Shiblon now has the plates of brass and the plates of Nephi and the Liahona.  And then we Moroni dies.  I think that just one sentence on Moroni’s death isn’t justice, but it is so.  He was a great leader and righteous man of God all of his days.

And there was a man named Hagoth and he was said to be curious and he built a ship and went out into the narrow neck of water that lead north.  Many Nephites went with him.  These many people left and were never heard from again, it was assumed that they drown.  Many, many people left in this fashion.

Next up is the death of Shiblon.  Alma’s youngest son, Corianton left to go north as well in an attempt to take provisions to those that had gone before him.  And since Corianton had left, Shiblon gave all of the sacred items to Helaman, the son of Helaman; in other words, his nephew.

Lastly, as the Book of Alma comes to a close, there is more war.  Some Nephites had dissented and joined up with the Lamanites and stirred them up.  Therefore an army came and lost.  The Nephites prevailed and we will move on to the Book of Helaman.


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