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Helaman 1

This week we are starting the Book of Helaman and will be working with the setting study skill.  With the setting study skill, not only should we be asking where, but also when and also to remember that where doesn’t have to be geographical.  Where can be personal, for instance; where is someone in their life.  Keep these in mind as we set out to learn this week.

We are still reading about war times, and in the beginning of the 40th year of the reign of judges, the Nephites were having some internal conflict.  Pahoran, the chief judge that was good friends with Moroni passed away and he had many sons.  The conflict that was going about was as to which one of three of his sons would take the judgement seat in his place.  His son Pahoran, Paanchi or his son Pacumeni?  It came about that there was a vote among the people and Pahoran was chosen to take the judgement seat.  Pahoran’s brother Pacumeni lost the vote and joined in with the majority vote and supported Pahoran.  Paanchi, however, was pretty upset over the issue and used flattering words to rise up in rebellion.  It ended up that he was tried for treason and sentenced to death.

Paanchi’s supporters, hired a man named Kishkumen to assassinate Pahoran.  When Pahoran was killed, his servants chased after Kishkumen, but they couldn’t catch him and he was off scott free.  Pacumeni then took the judgement seat in his brothers absence.

The following year, the Lamanites gathered together a large army heavily armed and shielded and came to battle against the Nephites.  The leader of this Lamanite army was named Coraintumr and he was a descendant of Zarahemla and a dissenter of the Nephites.  Because of all the ruckus in Zarahemla with assassination and such, there was little attention paid to the security of the city and the Lamanites marched right in and took the city killing anyone that stood to defend it.  Pacumeni tried to flee, but was killed by Coraintumr.

Coriantumr was lifted in his pride of taking over Zarahemla so easily and swiftly that he immediately left the city to head towards Bountiful to try and overtake this city as well.  His tactic was to overtake the populous areas where the armies were weak.  Moronihah, leader of the Nephite army, however, saw what he was doing and sent in Lehi and his army from one direction and he came with his army from another and they had the Lamanite army surrounded and they had a great battle in which Coriantumr died.  Moronihah overtook the Lamanite army and then marched back and retook the city of Zarahemla.

And this ends the first chapter in the Book of Helaman.  As far as setting….place yourself in the midst of this civil unrest and tumult.  Can you see yourself witnessing the assassination of your leader and the guilty party escaping with no consequence?  Can you imagine yourself as a parent of small children in a large city that is in a state of unrest?  Can you see yourself in Moronihah’s shoes and be in a situation where you are left to be the only leader to defend your nation, as your nation is leaderless?

Think on it.

I leave this with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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