Helaman 4

As we get started in Helaman 4, please remember that we should be asking WHERE to use the study skill set.  Where are they geographically, where are they personally where are they physically, where are they spiritually, etc.

From verse 1 through verse ten, we read mostly of war.  The Lamanites continued to come against the Nephites and the Nephites with Moronihah leading them tried to keep them at bay.  The Nephites lost the city of Zarahemla but retained the city of Bountiful and they realized their army just wasn’t big enough or strong enough to take back more than half of the land that they previously had.  When they had obtained about half of their original lands, they just began protecting what they had.

In verse 11, we learn of the great loss of the Nephite people.  They had lost many lives to war and it is stated that it is their own fault.  Say what?  How is it my fault that someone came along and wanted my land and killed my family and friends for it?  That just isn’t right.  Well, no, not in today’s world, but when God tells you this is what is going to happen if you turn to wicked designs, then that’s what happens.  It is laid out very clearly through the end of verse 13 that these things happened to the Nephite people because of their transgressions.

In verse 14 Moronihah begins to preach to the people, and it is here that they begin to realize their misdeeds.  Not only do they realize how wrong they were with their behaviors, but they actually remember the prophesies of Alma and the words of Mosiah and how these afflictions would come about if they didn’t live righteously before God.

A powerful chapter for anyone.  God keeps his words and his words will be fulfilled.

In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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