Helaman 6

I have not been very diligent this week at making sure I am current with my blog posts.  I have, however been great about some other areas in my life and that has been a blessing.  So, forgive me for kicking all of these posts out close together, but they must be done before tomorrow. 🙂

Helaman 6 is a great chapter because of the turn of events, at least that’s how I see it.  The Lamanites had bee baptized, thousands of them.  And here we read that they have great joy alongside members of the church.  Many of the Lamanites then went on missions and they preached people and brought them down to humility before heavenly Father.  The Lamanite missionaries were very successful and because of their triumphs in bringing others to Christ, there were blessings poured out abundantly to all.

Everything was going well until someone came and murdered Cezoram, who was the chief judge at the time.  So remember those blessings that everyone was getting for being so good?  Well, guess what!  They became prideful and began to be wicked again.  Also, do you remember those Gadianton robbers?  They raise their ugly heads again here too….. everything just gets crazy.  Satan is having a good ‘ol time with the Nephites and the Lamanites.  It’s as if there are no rules, people are out just doing whatever they feel like, rape, murder, steal… what the hay!? Many people joined forces with the band of robbers so that they could feel like they could do whatever they wanted too.  Therefore, the Spirit began to leave the people.  Many of the recently converted Lamanites were standing firm in the gospel and they were hunting robbers but the Nephites were doing what they could to support the robbers. You see this change that I mentioned in the start of this post?

And because of the Nephite support, many Gadianton robber members were placed in prominent positions in the government.  I can’t imagine that this is beneficial in a good way to anyone.

Let’s move on to the next chapter and see where the people are and what blessings or consequences may lie ahead.

I leave this with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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